August 8, 2013

Dreaming of...

Nude Studded Heels Nude Studded heels// Windsor Store

 Rag and Bone Jeans//Shop Bop

 Purse// Just Fab

 Peplum Top// Forever 21

 Yay it's Thursday again!!! :)  Happy weekend eve! 

Here are a few items I have been dreaming to have in my closet lately. The Rag and Bone Jeans are on sale, big time, and I am super tempted! The heels from Windsor are a must have. I can think of a million outfits of mine that they would go great with at the moment :). I am loving the Peplum tops lately as well. I feel like they are so flattering and feminine. I want one so bad, and I found this one at Forever 21. It is perfect! The purse is the perfect size, and I love the navy blue. I have been wanting a navy blue bag for a while and Just Fab has a lot of cute purses right now.

Anyway, have a fabulous day. It is going to be a long day of work and eyelash appointments for me!!

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