July 19, 2013

Head Wrap// Floral Wedges

Top// Cotton On
Leggings// Pac Sun
Wedges// Pink Basis http://pinkbasis.com/
Head Wrap// Charlotte Russe
Short-chain gold necklace - Soel Boutique 
Long-chain gold necklace - Charlotte Russe

I have been so excited to share these wedges with you! I have somewhat of a problem, I LOVE wedges so much. I have a shoe obsession. My friend, who also loves wedges, found this online store called "Pink Basis" the other day, and they have the cheapest shoes. She of course told me about it, and I had to order some for myself. I got two pairs for$30.00, including the shipping. Incredible, right!? 

I was a little nervous they wouldn't be good quality since they were so affordable, but they are amazing! They fit like a glove, and they are so comfortable. I cant wait to wear my other pair!:)

I am also so happy about one of my other latest purchases. My short-chain gold necklace that has a "C" on it is from Soel Boutique. I have wanted one of these necklaces for SO long and finally got one. I LOVE it! I wear it almost everyday. I love layering necklace and this one goes with everything!! To visit their website go to http://soelboutique.blogspot.com/.

I hope you are all having a great week! Don't forget to take a look at tomorrow's post, "Skin Care Saturday." It's going to be a good one with a little give a way!!! :)


  1. OMG the head wrap is gorgeous!!!! In love.

    1. Thank you SO much, I love it. It is super thin to so it doesn't squeeze your head and hurt all day!!:)

  2. The wedges are DOPE! love them!


    1. Thank you Malachite. You should check out the website they have a lot of cute ones!!

  3. Those wedges are seriously amazing! I'm definitely gonna have to go to that website! Love them!


    P.S. I switched over my domain to www.jodybeth.com! :)

    1. Thanks Jody!!!:)
      Thank you for updating me.


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