August 29, 2013

Dreaming About Fall...

Camo Knit Sleeves Jacket
1. Camo Jacket- Windsor

2. Tribal Printed Leggings -Style Lately

3. Booties- Forever 21

4.Tribal cardigan- Forever 21

5. Beanie- Cotton On

6.Taupe Eternity Scarf- Cotton On

Okay, I guess I will stop adding things to this wish list now. I love fall so, so much. I feel like there are SO MANY things I want. I am more than excited for fall this year. I always forget how much I love the clothes and style around this time of the year. I have always been such a summer kind of girl, probably because I had no other choice as I am from Vegas. It is pretty much summer there all year. It wasn't until I moved to Utah that I discovered how blissful fall is. I love going to dinner and sitting outside to enjoy the perfect weather. I also love going on long runs while taking in the fall leaves and trees. Ahhhhh, there is nothing better... besides fall clothes, right!!?

I am dying over a few of these items right now. I have only purchased the Camo jacket from Windsor thus far, but the other things will stay on my waiting list ..... for now :). How amazing are those booties from Forever 21? I love that they are a bit edgy. The leggings from Style Lately have been a want of mine for a while now. They are to die for. The scarf and beanie from Cotton On are so simple, but they can go with anything. Am I a freak for loooooving the "geek" beanie, ha!? The tribal cardigan is of course something everyone loves and needs. I have noticed that Pac Sun has a lot of cute ones as well.

Well I will quit rambling about how much I love these items! Thank you so much for stopping by. What are a few of your favorite things about fall!?!!?

August 28, 2013

A Purse After My Heart...

 Top// Windsor
Leggings// Cotton On
Shoes// Famous Footwear 
Sunnies// Kohls LC

Happy Wednesday. last weekend while we were in Veags we went shopping at Town Square... like 3 times, ha. If you have never been shopping there it is a must. I love it and the environment. They have a huge Whole Foods (which is my fav store EVER) and a lot of other good clothing stores of course. I cant wait to go back and go during Christmas time, I love all of the decorations.
 Anyway, This outfit is one of my favorite easy looks. I love love these leggings. Seriously, Cotton On is my go to place for leggings. They always have so many to choose from. This shirt is a favorite for sure. It is so loose and comfortable and I love the leather sleeves. The wind was blowing bad in this picture so it makes me look pregnant, lol but it is the perfect fit without the wind!! Windsor is the best.
I found my leopard flats when I bought my new running shoes at Famous Footwear. I had no idea they even carried other types of shoes, ha. I saw these and had to have them!:)
 My cute hubby got me this purse for my birthday, with my help of course :) and can I just say I am in LOVE  with it. I have said before how much I love purses from Francesca's. I found this one at a Francesca's in Cali. It is the prefect size and I have always wanted a blue one like this. Thanks Babe!:)

 I hope you all are having a fabulous week!!:)

August 26, 2013

Family Fun...

Best Buddies
My niece Shelby went to Sephora with us and was in HEAVEN. The girl is more obsessed with make up then me. She walked around the store asking the girls if she could get ready for the day... Such a doll.
I could die over how cute they are. 

Okay, We finally went to the Hash House in Las Vegas. This was my dads breakfast... HUGE I wanted to throw up when I saw it. It was such a fun place.

Gorgeous sissy of mine
My grandma and I couldn't look more alike :)
My Cute Mama
My Nephew Madden just wanted to play "smash" all day long in his undies! He is so athletic and just wants to rough around 24/7

Taking advantage of all the cuddles I can get.

Hey Beauty's! I am finally back from my vacation. I had the most amazing time with my husband and my family. I am always so sad to leave my family in Vegas, I wish I could see everyone more often. I ADORE my family and seriously am obsessed with my nieces and nephews it makes me sick. My sister has 2 year old twins (the little boy and girl) I love watching them grow up. They are so much fun to be around. My brother has the little girl Shelby who is 4. We are best buds, she just loves being wherever I am and tells me how much she loves me every 5 second, I love it! He also has a little boy who is just 1 and is a wild one!! Being an aunt is by far my favorite thing in this world. I don't know what I would do without the little ones. They teach me SO MUCH about life and how to appreciate the small things. I have the cutest family :) I miss them so much everyday but love when I see them it feels like we haven't missed a beat. It was so fun to be able to spend my birthday with all of them. 
My father in law and I have the same Birthday so my husband and I came home from Vegas and went right over to their house to celebrate with him as well. :)
 It is always hard to come home from a vacation and get back into work mode. This week is super busy for me but I am excited for new adventures coming my way!!!:)
 Thank you so much for reading along and for all of your sweet comments.

August 23, 2013

California Bliss...

Angels Game


Our favorite thing about the beach is working out in the morning with all the gorgeous views and the most amazing weather.

We seriously visited this Whole Foods daily.  I need one closer to where I live!!!

The BEST salt water taffy ever :) my second fav thing about the beach!

I guess I am cold blooded because I was freezing most of the time we were there!

Hey Everyone!! It has been a few days since I have posted. My husband and I have been in California the past couple of days just living it up at the beach. We had SO much fun, but are back in Vegas for the weekend to spend sometime with my family before we go home. My birthday is tomorrow so everyone will be together celebrating mine and all of the other August B-days in the Family!
 I don't think I am ready to go back to reality yet. Our vaca has been a blast thus far. Spending time with my husband with no school for him to worry about and work for me has been BLISS. I am so in love with everything about him. I have LOVED having him all to myself, he is always so so busy with school and I am always so busy with work its hard for us to get a way for a couple of days so we have been loving our little break. :)
 I hope you all are having a fantastic week! Excuse my not so great I Phone photos!!
Thank you so stopping by today!:) xoxo

August 19, 2013




Top// The Home T
Wedegs// Pink Basis

Happy Monday Everyone! My husband and I are vacationing this week! We stopping by my parents house for a couple of days in Las Vegas to see everyone before we headed off to Cali. Saturday was my sister in laws birthday so my husband and I went out on the town with her and my brother to celebrate. We had a blast. I grew up in Vegas and never once took a picture at the Las Vegas sign... I guess i'm pretty lame because it was hoppin!!!
  I am so in love with my new Home T. I have wanted one for so long and finally just got one! Gotta show love to your good ole home town! Last weekend was so extremely hot in Vegas I thought I was going to die! I forget how hot it can get down there sometimes, I don't know how I used to live there!!!
 My husband and I are having so much fun so far in Newport. I will post lots of pictures as our trip goes on. Thank you for stopping by today! :)

August 15, 2013

Mint Tribal Skirt...

Top// Kohl's
Skirt// Blossom Boutique C/O
Wedges// Target
Sunnies// Lauren Conrad - Kohl's

I am so excited to share with you today a collaboration I recently  did with Blossom Clothing Boutique. This mint tribal printed skirt is from their boutique and I just love it! It is so stretchy and comfortable. I love how high waisted it is because you can wear it with a short crop top to show off the high waist or pair it with a longer top if you aren't a fan of high waist skirts. To find this skirt go here.
 Blossom Boutique also has some very cute jewelry that I have my eyes on. If you have time you should check out their website and also their Facebook.

 I love these green wedges so much. They are seriously one of my most comfortable shoes. Sadly, I got them last year and I think They are getting a little worn :( If any one sees them back in stock at Target PLEASE let me know!!!!

 I hope everyone is having a great week so far!:)

August 13, 2013

A fun filled weekend...

My hubby and I sporting our Hales Family Reunion T's

 ^^The tricks she pulls off when there is food in my hands!

^^Family Run
^^ I almost wanted to steal my cute bowling shoes.
 My husband and his little sister... Enjoying their last days together before she heads to college.

^^Two of  my sister in laws.

This past weekend was my husband's family reunion. We had so much fun spending time with family who we don't get to see very often. Friday night we all had dinner and went bowling together. I am so bad at bowling it's not even funny!:) Saturday some of us started off the day with a run along the South Jordan River. Then we had breakfast in the park and enjoyed some swimming. 

We finished the day with dinner and games in front of my in-laws' house. They live right in front of a lake, so it was nice to soak in the view while eating dinner and enjoying lots of visiting. My husband's family always knows how to have a great time. I had a blast with everyone, and am so happy I married into such an amazing family.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!! Two more days until we leave for our vacation woot woot!!!!! :)

Outfit details
Shirt// Cotton On
Pants// Windsor Store
Flats// Target
Necklaces// Forever 21

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