July 11, 2013

Some Make Up Favs.

 A few of my Make up favorites that I cant live without at the moment are...


Maybelline FALSIES volume mascara
 Okay, if you have not tried this mascara you MUST! So amazing. It makes my lashes look so long. I have so many people ask me where I get my lashes done or a lot of my clients will tell me they want their extensions to look like mine.... I love lash extensions but I have to take a break sometimes and this mascara is a great trade off!


Bare Minerals Foundation (medium beige)
  I have been using this foundation for as long as I can remember. It give you such a natural skin conplextion no matter how much you apply.

MAC paint pot (painterly)
  I use this as my eye shadow primer. It give such a natural base color before you apply eye shadow, and my favorite part...  I don't get ANY creases on my eyelids when using this. Oh, and another plus it lasts FOREVER. No joke I have had mine for about a year and a half!:)


Aveda "Peach Lights" AND "Apricot Whisper" blush
 "Peach Lights" blush is my new go to blush. It has some brown tones and some pinks which I love when you mix together. Anyone can wear this blush. I also had to put up the "Apricot Whisper" it is such a fun bright pink for days you don't want to wear as much eye shadow you can put more focus on your cheeks.


Bare Minerals powder concealer (summer bisque)
  My sister in law told me about this concealer about a year ago and i have not been able to use anything else. I love it. I am not a huge fan of liquid foundations or concealers, I just don't like how if feels on my skin. So I am loving this concealer because it is so light but covers EXTREMELY well.


Maybelline Ba By Lips (peach kiss)
  I love a good nude lip color. I LOVE bright lip stick, just not on myself. I usually stick to a nude color or a light pink.

  I feel like I could go on and on about make up that I love, but I don't want to bore you so I will stop at these. I am pretty basic when it comes to doing my own make up and I usually find something I love and use it forever. I am loving the new make up trends lately though. I feel like a lot of girls are going more natural with a brigher lip color or just brighter cheeks which I think is awesome that girls are showing off their natural beauty!
  What are some of your favorite make up trends at the moment, I would love to know!


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  2. Melly, Thank you so much!! I would love to follow your blog!:)


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