July 12, 2013

Pink Skinnies.

                                                             Pants// JC Penney (old)
                                                             Top// H&M
                                                             Heals// Windsor
                                                             Belt// Cotton On
                                                             Wallet// Forever 21 

Every time I wear these pants someone asks me where I got them, which I am sad to say I got them a long time ago at JC Penney. I never, ever shop at JC Penney, but one day I decided to walk in and I got super lucky. I don't love jeans, but these ones are my favorite for sure. They are so comfortable, and they fit just right!

My husband and I had the LONGEST day ever Wednesday.To make a long story short, we were supposed to fly to California at 8 p.m., but we did not get on that flight, so we stayed for the 10 p.m. flight and we were not able to get on that flight either. Now we are at least educated on how stand-by tickets work. We were dropped off by some family at the airport, and so trying to make it back home at 10 p.m. was interesting. EVERYTHING went wrong on the way home. We ran in to a couple guys running from the cop. We also witnessed a hit and run which we had to stay at the scene to call 911 and make sure they were okay. We finally made it home around 2 a.m. Anyway, so we made sure we had some fun together yesterday to make up for it. We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Provo, Los Hermanos. So I thought it would be a cute place to snap a few pictures! I LOVE the fun fashion trends these days so much but sometimes it is fun to go with a basic jeans and top now and then!

  Oh, and Ps... H&M opens this fall in the University mall in Orem, I am beyond excited!!! I want to get this shirt I am wearing in every color!


  1. Love the gray and pink combo! Those jeans are so cute!


  2. Very cute. Love the striped top! What are your thoughts on following each other? :)


  3. Gorgeous outfit! You look fab doll.


  4. April, Thank you so much you are sweet! Of course i would love to follow your blog!!:)

  5. These pants are so cute and I love the distress to them! By looking at them I would have thought these were jbrand or paige jeans...but JCP hello! score!!


  6. Thank you so much Jacqueline! :)


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