July 5, 2013

How we Celebrated.

        Rings (on my index fingers)// Seasons salon and Spa  Watch//Kohls Bracelet// Forever 21

                                 Top// Cotton on  Leggings// Pac Sun   Wedges// Journeys

        This is one of my favorite outfits. My top is actually a boy shirt... But I usually keep that a secret :) It is so simple, but I feel like you can make it cute and girly with some fun jewelry.  My wedges, seriously could wear them everyday of my life! They are SO comfortable. I wear them to work ALLLLL the time, and I stand for 8 hours at work! :) Love them. Journeys has a lot of cute and comfortable wedges.

      I hope everyone had an AmAzInG Fourth of July! We had a blast with my husband's family so I wanted to share a few pictures from our day...

                                       My cutie, festive pup! I am obsessed with her!!

                                                                    My husband and I.
                            Okay, so these glasses are 3D for the fireworks... how cool is that!?!

            Not great picture quality, but I just love this! My husband and one of his cute nephews watching the fireworks

          Sorry for the picture overload! We had so much fun yesterday. I love the Fourth of July. My in-laws live right on the lake so it was such a blast to see all of the fireworks going on in all the valleys from across the lake.



  1. DYING over your outfit! That top is amazing, I totally wear men's tops all the time too, haha! Glad you had a great fourth!


  2. love this post! Outfit is cute :)


  3. Jody- Thank you so much, youre so sweet!!

  4. Cynthia- Thank you!
    ps I love your blog. So cute!

  5. Super cute outfit. I love those shoes!



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