July 17, 2013

Some Fun Finds.

  Okay, have any of you ever heard of the brand ELF!? I have heard so much about how great it is and everything ranges between 1-8$. I always thought no way would I buy make up that is that cheap, it's obviously no good, right!?
  So I couldn't take anymore of the talk so I went to target yesterday to check it out. They had sooo many fun things, I was in heaven. I could look through make up and products all day long! I purchased a few things that I still thought I wouldn't like but thought what the heck it's so cheap. I did bare minimum with my make up yesterday so I used these make up items and actually really liked them! The cream eye liner is amazing. Probably my favorite out of these three things.
 If you read my last make up post you saw my FAV mascara. I like my mascara thick so maybelline falsies is still my winner at the moment but I did like this ELF one. It applies very thin, which is nice sometimes when you just want the basics. I would buy it again.
The eyeshadow was also great. I am not picky with eyeshadows. All in all I would say I'm pretty impressed with this make up line! SO CHEAP!!!!!
 I also don't usually buy alot of nail polish other then Zoya polish since that's what we sell at the salon I work at but when i saw this coral I couldn't pass it up, and I can always use a new white polish...ps. They were only 90cents. I guess you could say I felt pretty successful!!
If you haven't a taken a look at ELF products you should! They have a website or sell it at Target! ;)
  If you have tried it what do you think!? Should I try any other make up items from them!!!??? 


  1. ELF products are sooo good compared to their cheap price! you should try their brushes too.


  2. Oh thank you for the info. I will try the brushes for sure!!!!:)


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