June 27, 2013

Some healthy stuff....

  Every morning I start my day off with a protein shake. I am such a person of habit so I usually make the same smoothie every morning and I LOVE it. It never gets old. There is nothing better then starting your day off healthy!
  I have people ask me all the time what kind of protein my husband and I use so I thought I would share...

The protein is PRO-NOS it is soooo yummy! We always buy vanilla that way we can make it into any flavor smoothie.

1/2 bannana
small handful of blueberries
small handful of strawberries
1 cup almond milk
BIG handful of spinach
1 scoop protein powder
* If I am going to have a busy day and not enough time to eat shortly after i will add half a cup of oatmeal. It usually holds me over a lot longer when i do.

 I love to work out and eat healthy BUT I also love to eat bad! It a daily fight!! I always start my day off with a great work out and a healthy breakfast and lunch but by the time I get home from work I want everything in sight! ESPECIALLY sugar! I love treats.... to much!

  I am trying to stick with healthy sugars at night like mainly fruit. luckily I LOVE fruit. I can never have enough. I have heard a lot that you should not each a lot of fruit at night because of the high amount of sugar but whatever! Its better then candy, right!? I also love sugar free cool whip, like.. am obsessed with it! I seriously could have it with anything and I feel less guilty since it is "sugar free" so I dip my fruit in it and it tastes as good or better then any other treat.... or almost :)

What are some of your favorite breakfast smoothies or healthy late night treats?!? I would LOVE to try some new things!!!


  1. Courtney! I'm so excited that you started a blog! :) Hmm... I'd have to say that frozen grapes are my favorite healthy treat at the moment. It's like a mini (healthy) Popsicle.

  2. Patricia! I LOVE frozen grapes as well!!! thank you so much for comment!:)


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